Pia Pakarinen

Pia Pakarinen
Deputy Mayor, Education Division, City Of Helsinki

Pia Pakarinen is graduated as a Master of Laws and a Master of Political Sciences at University of Helsinki and as a Master of Science (Economics) at Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Pia Pakarinen joined the Court of Justice of the European Union in the early years of the membership of Finland in the EU as a lawyer-linguist and lawyer-revisor. She is a former marketing and sales professional, entrepreneur, CEO of Helsinki Entrepreneurs and director of Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. Pia Pakarinen has been Deputy Mayor for Education Division in City of Helsinki since June, 2017.

According to the strategy of Helsinki Education division, City of Helsinki is the world’s most impactful place for learning. For Pia, this means excellence and equity: every pupil and student, regardless of his or her demographic background, has a possibility of making a good and meaningful life and a career by studying. Education can change lives.

Helsinki will develop its diverse services through pedagogic experiments in order for them to better meet the requirements of a diverse range of learners, families, businesses and society.

Pia will promote Helsinki as an internationally known forerunner city, where people learn to study and work together. The whole city is an inspiring learning environment.



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