Meeri Haataja

Meeri Haataja
CEO of Saidot Chair of Ethics Working Group in Finland’s AI Program Chair of IEEE’s Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous & Intelligent Systems

Meeri Haataja is the CEO and Co-Founder of Saidot, a start-up with a mission for enabling responsible AI ecosystems. Saidot develops technology and services for transparency, accountability and agreements on AI. Meeri was the chair of ethics working group in Finland’s national AI program that submitted its final report in March 2019. In this role she initiated a national AI ethics challenge and engaged more than 70 organizations commit to ethical use of AI and define ethics principles. Meeri is also the Chair of IEEE’s initiative for the creation of AI ethics certificates in ECPAIS program (Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems).

Prior to starting her own company, Meeri was leading AI strategy and GDPR implementation in OP Financial Group, the largest financial services company in Finland. Meeri has a long background in analytics and AI consulting with Accenture Analytics. During her Accenture years she has been working in driving data and analytics strategies and large AI implementation programs in media, telecommunications, high-tech and retail industries. Meeri started her career as data scientist in telecommunications after completing her M.Sc.(Econ.) in Helsinki School of Economics.

Meeri is an active advocate of responsible and human-centric AI. She’s an experienced public speaker regularly speaking in international conferences and seminars on AI opportunities and AI ethics.



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